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Brau Union – Optimised SAP Logistics with ORTECs SAP add-on for route optimisation

Brau Union Austria was looking to improve its SAP transport management and beer logistics processes in 8 breweries and 24 distribution centers across Austria. They needed an SAP-integrated solution that could be implemented together with their green field SAP ERP.

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The beer manufacturer Brau Union optimizes its route planning, sustainability and reduces logistics costs:

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ORTEC delivers optimised SAP logistics and transport management to Austrian cornerstone of beer culture

From nature, for the people. For Brau Union Austria, it is a cornerstone of their work to create a high-quality product using resources in the most sustainable way possible.

The company operates 10 breweries and 32 warehouse and distribution centers all over Austria. Yet, in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry, even a giant like Brau Union Austria needs to keep finding new solutions to improve logistics processes and their SAP transport management.

Brau Union Austria operates in Austria, serving around 49,000 customers (cafes, bars, restaurants, retail outlets) with eighteen leading beer brands, over 100 beer types and ongoing innovations, using around 406 trucks. The market-leading company was looking to implement new standardised business processes for its SAP logistics.

Brau Unions requirements – no problem for ORTEC for SAP

Brau Union had the following objectives for their transportation optimisation:

  • Planning time needed to be reduced to allow the warehouse as much flexibility for picking as possible for next day deliveries.
  • Faced with rising fuel prices, Brau Union Austria also wanted to reduce distance travelled per route and travel time per delivery.
  • To improve data-based decision-making, they needed to implement a single, standardised solution.
  • Provide logistics analysts the data to find improvement opportunities by analysing historical data and improving traceability.

Optimised SAP logistics with ORTEC’s SAP add-on for route planning software

ORTEC’s SAP add-on provides a tailor-made route planning solution for Brau Union Austria. ORTEC’s algorithms for transportation optimisation calculates the perfect route, factoring in orders, vehicle data, transportation expenses, and rates.

Based on the route plan, optimised by ORTEC, and additional information sourced directly from the SAP system, planners find it easier to keep track of transportation, planning and scheduling costs, distance travelled, and possible delivery times. ORTEC’s SAP add-on for route planning also incorporates return shipping and other considerations involved in the planning and scheduling process.

Brau Union – Optimised SAP Logistics with SAP Add-On for Route Planning Software - ORTEC 3
Brau Union – Optimised SAP Logistics with SAP Add-On for Route Planning Software - ORTEC 4

More control, reduced mileage and travel times with SAP transport management

Using historical data, analysts are now much better positioned to further analyse and improve logistical operations. The integrated toolset was rolled out to all distribution centers.

Brau Union Austria has been benefiting from the use of the ORTEC solution since 2018

ORTEC for SAP ERP enables them to make data-based decisions regarding their overall logistics network.


  • Optimised driver schedules and travel times
  • Cost-effective planning and scheduling process
  • Easier data-based decisions regarding their overall logistics network
  • Fully integrated in SAP / no data imports and/or data exports are needed
  • Consistent / up-to-date data
  • Quality of the route planning processes has improved significantly
  • Increased planning transparency
  • Increased planning flexibility, as centralised and decentralised planning is supported
  • A digitised logistics process that provides more control
  • improved planning and scheduling operations in SAP transport management

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