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Case Polipol – SAP Add-on for Route Planning and Optimization

Polipol, Europe’s leading upholstered furniture manufacturer, was looking for a route planning solution that could be combined with their production planning. Learn more about how ORTEC for SAP increases delivery reliability, reduces transport and logistics costs and supports the dispatchers efficiently in their daily business.

Polipol. Furniture and the human factor

– these two terms sum up what one of the leading manufacturer of high-quality upholstered furniture is all about.

Polipol has around 5.000 employees throughout Europe and over 300 different models of upholstered products.

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How Polipol’s planning of production capacity and optimal truck loads are interlinked

  • “The SAP-integrated route optimization should controls the production date and thus indirectly specify which furniture must be manufactured by when” – this is how POLIPOL, defined the requirement for its new system for route optimization.
  • 6 dispatchers coordinate the national and international transportation of the upholstered furniture manufacturer. The planners have to consider 7 shipping points, whereby up to 350 vehicles loaded with upholstered furniture have to be scheduled on average every week.
  • In this process, the dispatchers calculate the available production capacity in upholster minutes and, in addition to the typical delivery and transport planning restrictions, initially ensure optimum utilization of the company’s own transportation fleet.
  • Furthermore, any additional transport volume required by external forwarders is determined, again taking into account the optimal transport costs.
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The solution: ORTEC for SAP ERP

ORTEC for SAP ERP is an SAP-integrated, module-based and individually combinable optimization software for carton, pallet and load space optimization as well as route optimization. The route optimization module was activated for the pilot project, in which up to 90 national and international transports have to be planned per week. The result is optimally planned tours taking into account various restrictions, which can be visualized in maps in addition to a schematic representation. By determining time and distance, customers can be notified of binding delivery dates.

” In the future, an average of 350 vehicles are expected to leave our 7 shipping points each week in a cost-optimized manner, thereby generating sustainable added value for us and our customers.”
Peter Jürgens, CIO at POLIPOL

Route Planning – Polipol’s benefits

  • Prioritätsbasierter Beladealgorithmus
  • Bedarfsorientierte Planung und Kontrolle der Nachschubprozesse
  • Automatisiertes Erstellen von SAP-Belegen
  • Keine Schnittstellen
  • Effiziente Auslastung der einzusetzenden Ladungsträger
  • Flexibilität bei der Planung auf Belegpositionsebene
  • Minimierung der Planungszeiten
  • Full SAP integration
  • Optimal routes considering restrictions
  • Schematic and visualized representation of the routes
  • Binding delivery dates for customers thanks to reliable time and distance determination
  • Minimization of planning time
  • Reduction of required resources (vehicles)
  • Improvement of customer service through precise to-the-day notification

Higher customer satisfaction thanks to accurate delivery notification

  • Use of the SAP sales order as planning document.
  • Various restrictions are taken into account, such as driving and rest times, single and multi-day tours, loading times or loading ramp occupancy.
  • ORTEC algorithms identify the orders, based on the KPI specified with the customer, as well as the delivery priorities per order.

The customer-specific requirement was met with ORTEC’s SAP-integrated software solution for route planning. Transportation and logistics costs could be reduced and customer service could be improved by enabling notification of precise delivery times.

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