ORTEC SAP Pallet Building and Loading Optimisation

SAP Logistics Software for Packing and Optimisation for SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA

Reduce your logistics costs with advanced 3D packing and load optimisation for cartons, pallets, trucks and containers.

Packing and loading challenges in your logistics supply chain

For most companies in manufacturing, retail and transportation, logistics costs have a considerable impact on profitability. Transportation and logistics-related costs, as a percentage of sales, range from 9% to 14% depending on the industry. Optimised packing and loading can lead to improved fill rates, carrier selection and/or means of transport, helping you reduce logistics costs.

SAP ERP & S/4 HANA add-on load optimisation & pallet building – ORTEC

A complex equation – pallet management and load optimisation

  • How many products fit per container?
  • How should I organize loads at DCs for picking and loading efficiency?
  • Which orders will fit into a given truck considering the route?
  • How can I respect product-related constraints and create secure, stable loads for the best fitting vehicle types?
  • When are the maximum limits for axle weights reached?

If you face questions like these on a daily basis, you know it can be hard to arrive at an optimal mix for your packing and transportation units. To meet the challenge in today’s complex supply chain landscape, you need advanced decision support.

The solution: ORTEC´s SAP logistics software for load optimisation and pallet management.

SAP pallet management and load optimisation

ORTEC’s SAP logistics software for packing and loading is setting new benchmarks with its advanced 3D load optimisation capabilities. It helps you maximise fill rates while considering all packing and loading strategies and rules in your supply chain.

The optimal loading scenario – in seconds

Using the best algorithms available on the market, ORTEC’s packing and load optimisation software helps you pack items in cartons, build pallets, and load trucks or containers in the most efficient way. Decision-ready proposals, presented in interactive 3D graphics, enable you to make the right decisions almost instantly.

SAP logistics software: Fit-for-purpose, not one-size-fits-all

When it comes to packing and loading, there is no “standard”. Every company has unique logistics challenges given their products, packages, shipping processes, and legal and organisational rules.

ORTEC’s SAP logistics software for packing and loading, is used by many companies – large and small, across the globe, and in different industries. The flexibility to adapt to industry-specific needs and the ability to use it for various business scenarios are key reasons that make us their vendor of choice for SAP logistics software and optimisation.

Unveil opportunities with ORTEC’s SAP logistics software

Improve loads for inbound transportation, internal movements and customer shipments with ORTEC’s SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA add-on to unveil opportunities for logistics optimisation – from faster processing times to reduced transport units. Companies using ORTEC Load Building for SAP see numerous benefits.

Better fill rate
Up to 7% improvement in shipping and transport asset utilization

Less planning time
Up to 70% reduction in planning times, compared to manual planning

Lower risk of damage
Prevent damage to goods with an improved load fit

More customer satisfaction
Streamline transport to drive customer happiness

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SAP Pallet Building and Loading Optimisation_3

ORTEC Load Building for SAP: The powerful multi-level packing optimisation solution

Common business usage scenarios

ORTEC Load Building for SAP can be applied to multiple business processes and functions.

Demand-driven replenishment
Combine product demand quantities and existing sales orders from plant to plant or plant to distribution center in full-truckloads with maximum fill-rate, using configurable priority rules and special fill-up logic.

Order-based full-truckload planning
Change the sales (outbound) or purchase (inbound) order to create a maximum fill rate and avoid unused space or overflow in a second transport unit.

Automated outbound delivery split
Allocate the products of a very large outbound delivery automatically onto multiple, optimally used transport units within the SAP system.

Combine routing and loading for transportation planning
Ensure that a tour planned with ORTEC Route Scheduling for SAP is feasible from a capacity perspective.

Business Application for load optimasation_ORTEC

Top features of ORTEC Load Building for SAP

ORTEC Load Building for SAP offers numerous logistics optimisation possibilities and extensions.

  • Consider real products dimensions and weights, using constraints such as stacking rules, allowed orientations, and compatibility rules.
  • Consider multiple optimisation objectives such as minimise load volume, minimise load length, minimise costs and others.
  • Optimise for a single load carrier or means of transport, or find the best mix out of multiple (e.g. 20’ and 40’ containers).
  • Define your own load carriers and means of transport, such as carton, box, pallet, various truck types (standard, double decker with beams, double decker with single floor, gooseneck, semi-trailer), various container types (standard, open-top, flat rack), railcar, and air cargo containers.
  • Use specific rules for individual orders to overrule general rules, such as maximum pallet load height or using separator pallets different product layers.
  • Create secure and stable loads by considering axle weight and center of gravity.
  • Use the result as instructions for your execution in the warehouse.
  • Optimise pallet building, truck loading and vehicle routing simultaneously.

More stacking, more shipping, more on-time deliveries with ORTEC

Whether you have 10 trucks or 10,000, ORTEC’s combined Load Building and Route Scheduling for SAP (and Windows) helps companies save money and time with smarter loading, real-time routing and driver tracking. Discover what ORTEC’s solutions can do for your business.

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