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Layher – SAP Add-on for Load & Route Optimisation

Layher, a German, global leading manufacturer of scaffolding systems, ladders, protective and event systems, was looking for a SAP-integrated solution for both packing and loading optimisation as part of its SAP roll-out.

Read about how ORTEC for SAP supports Layer’s transport planners to increase efficiencies in their daily work of generating transport orders, truck capacity planning and route optimisation.

Packing and truck load optimisation in the construction industry

When we marvel at ancient construction, we wonder how it was possible for humans to build such structures in the past. Today, our landscapes are filled with equally impressive buildings, many of which were built with equipment provided by Layher. “More possibilities” is Layher’s brand promise.

Layher SAP truck capacity planning and route optimisation - ortec 2
Layher SAP truck capacity planning and route optimisation - ortec 3

Tackling planning hurdles with software integration

At Layher, five dispatchers plan domestic and international transports from a central distribution location. These transport planners are tasked with monitoring two shipping points. Up to 90 vehicles are loaded with scaffolding systems and other construction equipment to service customers on a daily basis. Forwarding agencies carry out the transport.

Looking for a packing and loading optimisation software that could be integrated with SAP ERP

Layher’s requirements:

  • A standardised user interface to replace their Windows-based planning tool.
    With an eye on the future, they additionally sought to eliminate maintenance costs for the various interfaces.
  • Integration with SAP to make the company’s logistics planning more transparent by using standard SAP Sales Orders and Stock Transport Orders.
  • Handling of Layher-specific document types, such as rental contracts.
  • Planning flexibility at the SAP line item level.
  • Support transport planners in their daily processes of generating transport orders, maximizing transport (truck) capacities and optimising routes.
  • Visualisation of planned and optimised loads in a user-friendly dashboard.
  • Possibility to transfer planning results to Layher’s existing warehouse system and get quick insight into optimisation results.
SAP-integrated solution for both packing and loading optimisation _Layher 3

We are very enthusiastic about the software solution that ORTEC provided. The goals that we set were met in full and the collaboration was goal-oriented at all times. We look forward to cooperating with them further.

Patrick Reiner
Head of Logistics at Layher

The solution for a streamlined planning process

Layher chose ORTEC for SAP ERP to facilitate load building for cartons, pallets, trucks and containers as well as optimal route scheduling. The ORTEC for SAP Transport Load Optimiser and its modules for packing and loading optimisation were implemented and rolled out with the organization’s SAP ERP.

Thanks to ORTEC for SAP ERP, Layher benefits from:

  • Optimised tours with vehicles and containers loaded to full capacity
  • Heightened planning security
  • Increased delivery reliability and dependability
  • Decreased transport and logistics costs
  • Quick and efficient support in the dispatcher’s daily work
  • Better coordination between sales, distribution, freight and purchasing departments due to centralized planning
  • Every valuable bit of information is easily exchanged and shared with customers and forwarding companies
  • Reduced planning times
  • Efficient utilization of packaging material by taking specific packing rules into account
  • Improved internal and external communication

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