ORTEC - Vehicle Routing and Dispatch Optimization Software

ORTEC – Vehicle Routing and Dispatch Optimization Software

Your customers expect on-time order pick-ups and deliveries. They also expect up-to-date status information. How do you meet their needs with limited capacity? How do you decide which orders to transport first? To answer these questions you need a smart system that combines optimized vehicle routing with real-time execution and dispatch.

ORTEC - Vehicle Routing and Dispatch Optimization Software

Highly Dynamic Vehicle Routing

As a transport and logistics manager, you’re used to working in a highly dynamic environment; last minute order changes may have a huge impact on your routing plan. Keeping up with market and customer expectations is not easy. But it’s even more difficult when you work with a large owned or contracted fleet. You might be facing a variety of operational restrictions and running only an ERP, a traditional TMS or a WMS that doesn’t enable you to create an effective routing plan. How do you ensure your transport operation runs at peak efficiency? How can you stay in touch with your end customers, drivers and carriers? ORTEC Routing and Dispatch offers fit for purpose vehicle routing and dispatch planning solutions. Designed to support industry-specific demands, our solution helps you lower costs, improve visibility and proactively support your customers using proven techniques.

ORTEC Routing and Dispatch an All-in-One Optimization Solution

We know that your company needs an efficient, cost-effective way of transporting goods. We at ORTEC have just what you’re looking for with our All in One Optimization Solution – Fit For Your Dynamic Needs!

To tackle the complexity of today’s logistics sector, you need advanced tools. ORTEC Routing and Dispatch brings capacity planning, route scheduling, resource assignments, dispatch, and execution together in a single SaaS solution (Software as a Service).
Our robust feature set helps you combine planning optimisation with real-time execution and dispatch. You get multiple options for decision support, so you can ensure on-time and first-time right service.
ORTEC Routing and Dispatch offers software packages for different industries, built up through our decades-long experience in retail, manufacturing, international transport, bulk & liquid, e-commerce, parcel and distribution. Each package is designed to simplify the implementation and speed up adoption, offering an industry-specific focus.

ORTEC - Vehicle Routing and Dispatch Optimization Software
ORTEC - Vehicle Routing and Dispatch Optimization Software

Routing and Dispatch – Today’s Packages:

  • Retail Store Delivery package
  • Finished Goods Logistics package

Data-Driven Logistics

Executing a daily transport plan repeatedly without learning from it, can be considered a waste of time. ORTEC has optimisation built into its DNA. Our solution helps you leverage data and modeling to improve your daily activities. Our data-driven logistics approach consists of several apps that give you better insight into how your operation works.

If you want to know more about our vehicle routing services, please take a look at this  Routing and Dispatch brochure.

How you benefit from our software

A successful company starts with a good plan – ORTEC is here for all of our customer’s needs when it comes down planning their transportation networks! Using optimization solutions, ORTEC Routing and Dispatch helps you:

  • Lower your mileage
  • Increase vehicle capacity
  • Lower CO2 emissions

With Routing and Dispatch also enables you to communicate effectively:

  • With customers, by providing order track and trace
  • With drivers, by providing planning instructions
  • With carriers, by sharing the plan in an easy-to-use portal
  • Drive more efficient routes

Lower your empty mileage by 5-15%

  • Lower transport costs

Lower drive time and improve vehicle utilization

  • Improve planning efficiency

Less time required for route planning, scheduling, and dispatch

  • Lower CO2 emissions

Improve your environmental footprint

  • Improve horizontal collaboration

Share orders across business units

  • Deliver strong ROI improvements

Benefit from cost savings and productivity improvements

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