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SAP Route Optimisation and Scheduling Software for SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA

As a transport and logistics planner, you work in an extremely dynamic environment today. Punctuality, reliability and customer orientation are top priorities. At the same time, companies are faced with the challenge of offering their customers the best service in the face of ever-increasing expectations.

From static routes to dynamic route scheduling

ORTEC Route Scheduling software for SAP improves your daily transportation planning in SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA with dynamic vehicle route scheduling. It helps you reduce your mileage while considering all relevant transportation constraints.

SAP Routing and Scheduling Software – ORTEC

Logistics route planning – Quite a big puzzle

Every day, companies need to decide how to deliver and collect goods in the most efficient way, using freight forwarders or their own fleet. How do you assign and sequence orders into routes in such a way that all resources are used in the best way, without violating constraints, and at the lowest possible cost?

Many companies manage daily transportation planning by using static route plans, but here cost-efficiency depends heavily on regular order patterns.

Become dynamic in route planning and scheduling

Transport planners have to deal with changes on a daily basis. Orders need to be delivered to different locations, new requests come in to pick up returned goods or to collect orders from suppliers. Sometimes even the number of available vehicles changes. This is where static route plans typically fail, and transportation planners need to react.

What if your planner could be more proactive and create dynamic route plans for changing situations?

ORTEC SAP Routing and Scheduling Software – ORTEC
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Unlock your potential with ORTEC’s route optimisation software

Improve daily route planning for inbound transportation, internal movements and customer shipments to unlock your potential for logistics optimisation – from faster processing times to reduced transport units. Companies using ORTEC Route Scheduling for SAP see numerous benefits.

  • Significantly lower transport costs by reducing mileage and drive times, and increasing vehicle fill rates.
  • Reduced planning and dispatch times.
  • Increased insight into route plans and vehicle costs.
  • Greater capability to adapt the plan when last-minute changes come up (e.g. urgent orders).
  • Automatically consider restrictions, such as delivery windows.

Top features of ORTEC Route Scheduling for SAP

ORTEC Route Scheduling for SAP provides different transportation planning strategies and considers multiple constraints.

  • Manual, semi-automatic and automatic creation of tours
  • Use various planning cost factors (fixed & variable) to create cost efficient tour plans
  • Use different route optimization objectives, such as minimise distance, minimise cost, reduce constraint violations
  • Combine inbound and outbound deliveries in one tour, release them to separate SAP Shipments (LE-TRA) or SAP Freight Orders (TM)
  • Use digital map data to calculate “real” street-level time and distance
  • Create single or multi-day tours
  • Create multiple tours for a vehicle per day
  • Multiple loading locations (Depots) in the same tour (Reloading)
  • Consider your own vehicles with priority over external fleet
  • Consider required vehicle or driver equipment for loading/unloading
  • Use different factors to calculate loading and unloading durations
  • Use preferred drivers or exclude drivers for certain customers
  • Consider driver break times
  • Consider different vehicle capacity types or use ORTEC Load Building for SAP for additional vehicle load checks
  • Optimise pallet building, truck loading and vehicle routing simultaneously

Plan your reality, no matter how complex

ORTEC Route Scheduling for SAP can be applied to multiple transportation planning scenarios in your company.

  • Deliver to customer / Last Mile Delivery
  • Collect return/empties from customer
  • Pick up from supplier
  • Direct store delivery
  • Outbound cross-docking transportation
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Typical benefits of ORTEC’s route optimization for SAP

  • Shipping costs are reduced due to a reduction in miles driven, a reduction in drive time, and better capacity utilization of trucks.
  • Less time is required for logistics planning and dispatching.
  • Centralised planning improves capacity utilisation and reduces the number of empty trips, which also reduces CO2 emissions.
  • You gain more transparency in route planning and vehicle costs.
  • You get a fast simulation of alternative route planning scenarios.
  • ORTEC has 40 years of optimisation experiences with worldwide references.

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